God Rocks Wiki

God Rocks! was a Christian children's rock band. They were started in 2002 to promote the show of the same name.


Kurtis Felsman, Sheryl Stacey-Neilson, Paul Sewitt, and Ian Tanner were the original members of the God Rocks!. On tour, Kurtis Felsman was replaced by Todd Neilson, Paul Sewitt was replaced by Jordan Elgie, and Ian Tanner was replaced by Tyler Seidenberg. The replacements on tour later became the actual performers in 2004. They were introduced to transition the later series in Flip-Flop and Rock, the last episode. However, Paul Sewitt and Ian Tanner were used as back-up vocals.

As of 2006, Paul Sewitt was no longer used for vocals. In 2007, Jordan Elgie and Tyler Seidenberg were replaced by Jonathan "JJ" Gerber and Darren Harris. They were used in their Christmas album, RocKidsTV, Starlight Rescue, and concerts.


Here is a list of songs by the God Rocks! listed in order of CD track releases:

  1. This is the Day
  2. God Rules
  3. Be Yourself
  4. Wonderful Kingdom
  5. The Word
  6. When God Talks, Creation Rocks
  7. You've Been Searching
  8. Rocks Cry Out
  9. Giant
  10. Such a Love
  11. Wake Up!
  12. Freckle
  13. There is a Place
  14. God Rocks! Theme Song
  15. Living Stones
  16. Rock House
  17. Rock Steady
  18. Run With Me
  19. I'm A Believer Now
  20. A Little Bit of Faith
  21. Sonrise
  22. One Life
  23. Greatest Love
  24. Church Granny Rock
  25. You Can Always Come Back
  26. Sinking Stone
  27. Our Father
  28. The Fruit of the Spirit
  29. Your Attitude
  30. Run the Race
  31. Take Your Stand
  32. God So Loved the World
  33. Be Strong
  34. The Lord is My Rock
  35. Repent and Be Baptized
  36. Put on Love
  37. Hidden in My Heart
  38. If You Have Faith
  39. Love Each Other
  40. The Lord is Good
  41. The Joy of the Lord
  42. Praise the Lord
  43. There is Rejoicing
  44. Share with God's People
  45. Serve Others
  46. Well Done
  47. The Plans I Have
  48. Soar on Wings
  49. I Can Do Everything
  50. Guide Me in Your Truth
  51. Never, Never
  52. Do Not Fear
  53. Christmas Is
  54. For to Us a Child is Born
  55. Good News
  56. No Room For Them
  57. O Holy Night
  58. Rock-a-Bye Christmas
  59. The Shepherds Returned
  60. Where is the One?
  61. He Will Be Great
  62. Long Before Santa
  63. Children of God
  64. Shining Stars
  65. Five Sparrows
  66. Sing Praises
  67. Let Your Light Shine
  68. Look at the Birds
  69. Hosanna
  70. Do This in Remembrance of Me
  71. Watch and Pray
  72. Surely He Was
  73. He Has Risen
  74. Go Into All The World
  75. Did You Know?
  76. Just Gets Better
  77. Party
  78. Rocket to My Heart
  79. Lovin' You Round the Clock
  80. God Always Sends A Rainbow
  81. God Rocks My World
  82. Follow the One
  83. Light Shine Strong
  84. Savior
  85. C'mon Over